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Specific Objectives



ON.2 - O Novo Norte - North Portugal Regional Operational Programme 2007/2013 - is a financial instrument which supports regional development in the north of Portugal ( NUTS II ). It forms part of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) 2007/2013 and the new cycle of the European Union structural funding for Portugal.

The strategic vision underlying ON.2, to which all Operating Programmes applied to the regions must contribute, is that «in 2015 the north of Portugal will be capable of generating a level of production of tradable goods and services that will enable it to resume its path towards convergence with Europe and ensure, in a sustainable manner, increases in revenue and in employment for the region?s population, thereby promoting, economic, social and territorial cohesion».

Financed entirely by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), ON.2 constitutes the most significant general financial allocation for regional operating programmes - 2.7 thousand million euros, representing 12.5 per cent of the NSRF budget. With this amount of structural funding, it is estimated that approximately 3.2 thousand million euros will be invested in the northern region.

As a financial instrument, ON.2 can also be defined as a strategic contribution towards promoting sustainable socio-economic and territorial development in the northern region. Within this context, four strategic priorities have been chosen, corresponding to the priority areas: Competitiveness, Innovation and Knowledge; Economic Valorisation of Specific Resources; Valorisation of the Regional Space; Urban and Local Cohesion and Governance and Institutional Capacity Building. 

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Specific Objectives

Subsets of specific objectives have been created out of the five ON.2 Priority Areas with a view to the achievement of the established priorities:








Legislation passed by the Portuguese government defines the model of governance for the NSRF and Operating Programmes for the period 2007-2013 and establishes the organisational structure for monitoring, auditing and control, certification, management, strategic counselling, supervision and assessment.

In accordance with this legislation, governance of ON.2 - O Novo Norte consists of a political management body (the Ministerial Coordinating Committee for Mainland Regional OP), a Northern Region Strategic Counselling body, a managerial body (the Management Authority) and a supervisory body (the Monitoring Comittee).

The ON.2 Management Authority is headed by its Manager who, due to the nature of the appointment, is also the President of the North Regional Coordination and Development Commission. The Management Authority is composed of an Executive Committee, consisting of the Manager, who presides over the Committee, four other members (including two executive members), and a Technical Secretariat.



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